Teri's grandpa loved to grow and eat tomatoes. He called Teri "Miss America." Her grandparents bought her lots of art supplies when she was a child, so she wanted her art business to reflect her love of her grandparents. Since Miss-America-Tomato didn't sound right, she settled on Princesstomato.

Teri graduated from Iowa State University with a Bachelor's Degree in Fine Arts. She has been a full-time freelance artist ever since. After several years of painting large canvases and making monoprints, Princesstomato has spent the last six years creating original works of whimsical art on clothing for children.

She is currently pursuing her true passion of illustrating children's books. Her love for reading books started when she was four years old when her dad taught her to read. At age five, she read Karl's Wooden Horse to her own kindergarten class. One of the stories Teri wrote in second grade was called The Spaghetti that Didn't Want to Be Eight, and was 27 Big Chief pages long. (She still cracks herself up with puns, so consider yourself warned)!

Teri and her family currently live in a brick house that used to be a country school. Her art supplies are now kept in what was the school's library. She and her husband have three children, one dog, one cat and five goldfish. Life is good.