04.24.17Jessie Schlichenmayer

Hi Teri, this is the long time fan of yours, Jessie Schlichenmayer from ND. I am soon opening my own business in Harvey, ND. Which is going to involve painting! ;) I am wondering if you have any tips for me and if possibly we could set up you coming to do a class!? I am only self taught, and I only started canvas painting about 2 yrs ago and havent been able to paint for about 6 months as I went back to bartending full time & with 4 kids on my own I have had no time to persue my real passion in life which is art. But I recently have had alot of changes in my life with more coming soon and hopefully my business will succeed and I can do what I love. I am not planning to "teach" painting myself as I feel I have no business trying to teach it lol. I am thinking for beginning I might just have supplies & space available to those who don't want to buy and store everything but want to paint. ?? And have others come teach classes. I am renting a large room at the Harvey library. Just got my keys today! What would it cost and what would the requirements be to get my idol, you!, to come teach a class? Thank you so much for your time. Please contact me via text or phone not by email. 701-301-2197

12.28.13Stephanie Tarpey

Hi Teri -

I chanced upon your beautiful work while looking for a wallpaper border for my brand new granddaughter, Piper. I noticed on your blog that you have a gorgeous border with eleven pipers piping. This is exactly what I had in mind for the bedroom that I'd like to decorate for my granddaughter. Is this border for sale? Is there any way I could purchase this from you?

Thank you for your time, and Happy New Year!

09.23.13Valerie Corpe

would like to see how you fared with your home/bank issues. I am currently researching everything I can no luck finding atty. in MO. Read your blog on Livinglies. Year two and half wth Bofa....

01.16.13Celeste Bathurst

Hi Teri!

It's Celeste! I have lost your cell phone number and was checking in on you! Only thing i could think of was princess tomato since i don't do facebook. Miss you hope all is well. Update me when you have time. Thinking of you! Ive been dealing with a lot with my brother Clay but all seems to finally be under control now. Thank the lord.

08.07.12Tayana Harris

Hi Teri,
How are you?
Teri, so embarrassed that I never responded to your last message from facebook! You are still welcome to our critique group. I am so sorry! Hope you are still interested. if you are please email me back.



How are you? First of all, I would like to tell you that I truly enjoyed looking at your portfolio of illustrations.

My wife (Lana) and I started “Feeding Brains" which we aspire to make it the home for emerging authors in Saudi Arabia and the region. Most publishing houses here have outdated business models that are both uncooperative and uninspiring. The website is http://www.feedingbrainsbooks.com/

We would like to make you one of our “Go To" illustrators. This will allow you the peace of mind since you will be dealing with one focal person (me) and hopefully you will get jobs as they come.

What do you think? If you are interested, we can talk some minor details.

The process is very simple and is designed to maximize the benefit for the end parties with minimal headache for all.

I assume, like the rest, you will require a 1/3 of the payment before commencing work. 1/3 after the sketches are approved. And the final 1/3 once the colored images are approved prior to you submitting the
final hi-res illustrations. All payments will be done through paypal (if that is OK with you).

The work will be "for-hire" meaning that complete copyright of the material goes to "Feeding Brains".

All I need from you at the moment is a price per image and 5-6 samples of your most common styles. The wider the range of styles, the better.



Ms Guy Skrdla,
Hello! My name is Monica Eddy and I am a student conducting research for Fine Arts Coordinator, Letitia Kenemer, at the Iowa State Memorial Union. For my research, I am requried to gather information about the Union's art collection and the artists themselves. Consequently, I am inquiring about a piece, which I believe is yours titled: "Recess on a Rainy Day." In 1992, the work was appraised at $225, does that price still stand accurate? Also, it would be much appreciated if I could collect some of your background information, such as: when and where were you born, how did you come to be an artist, etc. I have read your "about me" segment on this website and it proves to be very helpful so far! I would love to hear more. Thank you so much for taking the time to read this and I hope to hear from you in the near future! If this is the wrong Teri, I apologize. Have a great rest of your day!

Monica Eddy


Hi, I would like to purchase the book you wrote, How to paint on Denim.
I have very slow dial up internet so downloading it is tough. Where can I purchase it. Thanks Jeanne

10.07.10Stacia Stojanoff

There are several of us that are in the process of revitalizing our critique blog, Creative Cup Illustrators Group. It's been silent for a long time and we want that to change. We are asking that if you would like to continue your membership with the group, that you let us know! Please respond to me at this email before October 21st so that we may move forward with our new plans.

Our plans include these upcoming goals:

* Revamping the site to give it a fresh look and feel.
* Having challenges, contributing book reviews, and swapping related information and advice on a monthly basis (each member participates).
* Maintaining our public and private blog for artwork critiques.
* Offering a community of artist for artists!

Here is the link to the membership guidelines for your review, http://creativecup.blogspot.com/2007/07/updated-guidelines-for-review.html

I look forward to hearing from you!

All the best,

07.22.10Dana Bilbao

Hi Teri....
Its been a couple of years since we last talked....You did ALOT of clothing items for my daughter Alexandra! I just thought I would let you know that I have a few of your items up for auction on Ebay. I think I actually have 5 auctions going right now! Cute things....Thought you might want to let some customers know!!! If the type Princess Tomato in the search under clothing it will show up!!!
Hope all is well with you!

05.19.10suzy grand

I saw your recent art work for the poster of the girls solstice drumming parade and just wanted to let you know that it was so wonderful...it made my heart soar...!


I am putting together a Girls Drumming Group for our Solstice Parade here in Santa Barbara. I would like to use your Girl drumming picture for my flyer. Could I pay you $20 to do that?

04.17.10Donia Packineau

I absolutely LOVED your illistrations !!!
I am trying to produce my own illistrations for my childrens' book.
If I fail at this, would you be interested in illistrating it?

What size artwork do you make your illistrations on so that it is easy for the publisher to use it in the book? Is it what ever you wish to use and have to shrink it and size it, or do you always draw on the same size of the same canvas or paper?

Do you send in photoscans of your artwork to the publisher or do you submit the artwork itself?

I have a thousand questions, these are the most pressing...

Donia Packineau


How much do you charge for a customized "person or pet portrait on jeans" (above the knee) area?

01.23.10Kelsey Phelps


11.09.09Darla Johnson

Hi Teri, I am From Beresford here. I would like to discuss illistration of my book with you. I tried calling, however the number I had was disconnected? My number is 605-670-9398. I look forward to hearing from you!


11.05.09Erin Nelson

Hi Teri!
Excellent job on your new website! looks great, easy to navigate... yea!